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Conspiracy of colonoscopy?Don't get me wrong - I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I'm not those people who believes that 9/11 was a conspiracy of the Government or of the landing was a fake. And deep, I don't think that our Government really eliminated screening colonoscopy, which attempts, conspires to return the public against the media. Corn. You never know!I have to confess, but I believe that started by these hiking opportunities, if I read two articles in newspapers of general circulation (newspapers for general circulation, which is similar to oxymoron nowadays) that appear randomly who despised the colonoscopy. And curiously published only 1 month apart. Match? Maybe. Newspaper as a shill for the Government of the day to try the Medicare costs to curb readers convinced that Colonoscopy is a useless scam? Maybe. If you are interested, the article was the New York Times June of this year, while the other is the Washington Post, 20 July of this year. I've included the link below. Departure from New York TimesWashington PostLet with an article in the New York Times. The article is titled: $ 2. 7 billion Bill medicine, with the subtitle: colonoscopy explains why the United States leads the world in spending on health.  Really? Is it so simple? If the article starts with this title, you know that it was not intended to present a balanced approach to the topic. The article goes on some isolated cases of patients to discuss, stuck with a few ridiculously exorbitant bills of his routine colonoscopy and denounces the total cost of the colonoscopy, relying on a value of $10 billion per year in the United States.  We will quote Dr. Gilbert Welch, Dartmouth professor say, done in by far most expensive option, without supporting data, colonoscopy compared to other cancer screening tests discuss colon.  The article mentions the fact that Mr. Welch honestly in 20 years by thought leaders any attempt, early diagnosis of the disease by screening get won his life. Hmmm, I wonder if he to do would hold his mother or father of a screening colonoscopy. But I digress. Oh, one still, Dr. Welch, there is plenty of data to support. In any case, articles such as catchy flashes underlines patients with huge bills by more than 9 $000 for a colonoscopy. Necessary to investigate a little further in the article, however, know that Medicare pays you, the average $531 for a colonoscopy in 2011. (U. a. - subject is the doctor performing the colonoscopy taxes approximately $220) is that we leading health-care costs?Turn the article from the Washington Post. This is master cleanse healthy a more extraordinary. You have the right, as a secret Panel used data that distorts business. The article goes on to describe how a panel of the American Medical Association, likely behind closed doors is a diabolical plan to overturn the process of reimbursement by Medicare for doctors. You call it the case of the colonoscopy, the unit of relative value (RVU) – this is the currency of database health insurance reimbursement, based on 75 minutes from doctors. Then follows the article on the question of how this is a valid, if some doctors performed a colonoscopy 12 or more in a day, I. e. simply not enough hours in a day as possible colonoscopy may seat 75 minutes to medical report indicates if the procedure often also only 20 minutes or so, etc., etc., article is the New York Times, this seems another example of this, as the Colonoscopy is a fraud, perpetrated by the Empire of crimes of medicine.  These articles have been very disturbing to me, and should both value the penalty. Colon cancer is the number three of the United States cancer killer. There are diagnosed about 150000 new cases per year in the United States colorectal cancer and an estimated 55000 deaths per year. Although there are other less expensive, less invasive for the detection of colorectal cancer, colonoscopy is the only one that offers early detection and prevention (through the detection and removal of precancerous growths). Screening colonoscopy has been shown to reduce mortality from colorectal cancer. Sensational headlines, blaming the colonoscopy for United States health problems and portrays made him as a fraud, only serve to deter those who would the fence to a file screening colonoscopy could save your life. As a doctor, performs a colonoscopy, if the American Medical Association distorted data for me offer gains a colonoscopy, and then do a poor job. As already mentioned, the rate of insurance business of to perform a colonoscopy is about $220. While the procedure can take only 20-30 minutes, is only the most visible part of the iceberg in relation to the hour of the people involved. Powerful doctor frequently also the medical history of the patient prior to the colonoscopy examines, speaks for the patients and harassing the family in the area of recovery after surgery, and evaluates the results of biopsies performed during the process, communicate the results for the patient, as well as any other action based on these results and indicates if - if each test Effectueeet will follow up all these documents should be.  A distortion of the RVU for 75 minutes from time-based colonoscopy really? In any case you are underestimated. .